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Arctic Grips
Handcrafted, Norwegian design climbing holds.

Aiming to be a local, yet global provider of new and inspiring climbing holds, we are excited to see the launch of our little company fitting timely into the boasting movement of the climbing community both locally and abroad. Using our years of experience as both route setters and climbers, with a slightly odd and mixed background, we hope to meet the demand for progressive and inspiring new climbing holds. Keeping our northern roots alive whilst converting our inspirations, led by the spectacularity of nature, into indoor climbing holds can -and should be a daunting task- and we do it in awe.

About Us

In order to meet the industry standards for quality and making the most durable holds, we find it paramount to use the highest quality possible concerning materials and production. Our factory, Kastline, shares our values and with their brand new facilities they are doing an outstanding job to keep the quality at the highest standard possible, with shapes made from the most up to date types of texture foam sets for a long term branding. Metal inserts for both set screws and bolt holes on all holds and chips, adding to texture of holds, and the ergonomics of every single pinch, crimp, chip and jug is something we hope will catch the eye of coffee drinking route setters and chalk heads around the globe! Launching our third range in october 2021, the «Aurora Series» is bound to be a smash hit!

All our best,
Thomas, Dylan & Bendik
Trondheim, Norway 

Arctic Grips


Climbing indoors means climbing on plastics. There is no suger coating it: we are making a plastic product. Along with almost all other climbing hold companies  One day we might have the authority to push for alternatives, but in the meantime we justify our production by making the most durable product possible, with the least amount of transport we can get, and with the use of as little plastic wrapping, boxing and packaging as possible, and we aim to outshine the disposable and irresponsible companies that are out there. Better still would, off course, be to climb outdoors, rooting for the most sustainable alternative! We also encourage all our customers to recycle old holds wherever possible, and to find ways to minimize our shared ecological footprint.

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