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Technical Information

Product Material.

At Arctic Grips we only offer Kastline Holds in PU,PE and GRP. We consider these products to be one of the best on the market when it comes to comfort and durability.

Kastline PU allows flexing in the product, which prevents chipping and cracking when tightened. Kastline PE is a light and durable product ,and also hollow backed like our PU. 

Weight reduction.

Most of our holds are hollow back, drastically reducing the weight.  Not all holds can be reduced like this due to their dimensions, but where it is possible we have tried to take out as much resin as possible without losing structural strength.


We design our holds based on comfort and aesthetics. We have chosen to use a smooth but slightly pored texture to allow longer climbing time in the gym regarding chalk build up, and to give your finger an experience they will not forget.


All our holds will come with a Dual washer system. This allows both Cap-Head bolts and Countersunk bolts to fit without the need of additional washers. All our bolt-on holds come with added screw holes to prevent spinning and to give a more solid purchase to the climbing wall. All screw holes have metal inserts to stop over sinking of the screws leading to damaged holds.